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Board-Certified New York City Podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine, D.P.M.

Dr. Suzanne Levine, Celebrity Podiatrist and Inventor of Pillows For Your FeetPillows for Your Feet® are the revolutionary soft gel inserts invented by Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine, New York’s premier award winning foot surgeon. She is also an avid shoe lover, author of many books including My Feet Are Killing Me, and a featured consultant on The Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Suzanne Levine is dedicated to your foot health: she wants you to be comfortable and enjoy your favorite pair of shoes. She won’t make you give up your beloved heels — she wants you to be comfortable and feel good about your feet.

About Dr. Suzanne Levine and Pillows For Your Feet

Dr. Suzanne Levine invented Pillows for Your Feet® especially for people who can’t easily get to her New York City podiatry office, Institute Beaute. She wanted to create affordable, washable, and re-usable soft gel shoe inserts that simulate the support, comfort and relief her patients receive from a special procedure Dr. Suzanne Levine pioneered several years ago.

Take a foot-health break today by visiting Dr. Suzanne Levine’s blog, Foot Notes. Reading articles, watching her helpful how-to videos, and receiving recommendations about fashion, shoe news, Dr. Suzanne Levine’s podiatry news, and the latest in foot care. Exchange views and participate with other shoe lovers in her community.


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Looking for the best, most comfortable shoes released this season as well as other insights, discoveries & observations shared by Dr. Levine? Read her blog, ‘Foot Notes’ and get the latest, greatest & recent news.

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How Do Pillows For Your Feet® Soft Foot Gels Work?

Sneak Preview of “My Feet Are Killing Me” by Dr. Suzanne Levine

You are invited to have a sneak peek of “My Feet Are Killing Me” — The ‘go-to’ source of information and wisdom for anyone experiencing foot pain and discomfort. Written by Celebrity Podiatrist and Inventor of Pillows For Your Feet, Dr. Suzanne Levine, “My Feet Are Killing Me” is now available for you to own!

If you would like to browse the table of contents and take a sneak peek at the first 30 pages of “My Feet Are Killing Me” before it hits the shelves, please click the image of the book cover to the right or the button below.

Sneak Preview of “My Feet Are Killing Me”

My Feet Are Killing Me - Sneak Peek