Dr. Suzanne Levine & Alec Baldwin

10th Annual Author’s Night Update – Dr. Suzanne Levine & Everett Lautin, “My Feet Are Killing Me”

Hello all,

I’ve been looking forward to the 10th Annual Author’s Night in New York for some time now. It was such an honor for me, Suzanne Levine, to be in the company of such wonderful authors and celebrities who had come to show their support for the East Hampton Library, and speak with them about my book.

Among many highlights was getting a chance to meet Alec Baldwin and actually get a photo of myself and the co-author of “My Feet Are Killing Me“, Dr. Everett Lautin. It’s a big deal because he is the person usually in charge of the camera, being a lover of photography himself.

I saw some women in beautiful shoes there. Always a treat to see what other people are wearing but always very hard to not put on my podiatrist hat when I see someone who shares an affinity for stiletto heels like myself but is clearly walking around in pain.

This time I couldn’t ignore it.  She was really hurting (and wearing cute shoes – had to know more).  I walked up, introduced myself, explained that I was a podiatrist, and hand her a bottle of my Stiletto RX Foot Spray.  I was very pleased we ran into each other later and she thanked me for the spray – it saved her night.  Which, in addition to everything else – made my night.

I love it when that happens.

xo – Suzanne Levine, DPM

Dr. Suzanne Levine & Dr. Everett Lautin - Authors of My Feet Are Killing Me

Dr. Suzanne Levine Says This Fall Is The Flat – Our 2013 Online Favorites

By Dr. Suzanne Levine

One of the big trends in new shoes this fall is the flat. (Here’s a link to the website WhoWhatWear with some editors’ favorites – http://www.whowhatwear.com/give-your-feet-a-break-with-these-editor-approved-fall-flats). And judging from the spring 2014 shows I’ve seen during New York Fashion Week this month, it looks like the trend in flats will continue this spring–the shoes at Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s The Row collection were wonderful loafers and mules handmade by Enzo Bonafe. That said, the majority of the shoes so far are still much too high for real life–I call them “limousine shoes” they’re gorgeous to look at, but you need a limousine, since walking in them for too very long isn’t doable. And a word of caution about the flats out there: just because they are flat doesn’t mean they are your best bet. Too many of the fashion flats are too narrow, displaying too much of the foot–going for “toe cleavage” if you will–and if you have any kind of problems like hammertoes and bunions you’re not going to be able to wear these flats comfortably.

Meanwhile, about what’s in stores and available online now for fall 2013, here are a few of my favorite shoes:

  • I am very impressed by Michael Kors boots. His boots have a lot of extra cushioning so you can wear them for longer periods of time – See these impressive boots!
  • Chunky heels offer equal distribution of weight and will be comfortable for most people. Hermes’ stacked heel and high cut, and any other shoe like it, will also cover up foot deformities and won’t irritate them – See these comfortable heels