Wall Street Journal Confirms My Predictions - Chunky Heels, Wedges & Sprains by Dr. Suzanne Levine Celebrity Podiatrist & Inventor of Pillows For Your Feet

Dr. Suzanne Levine’s Predictions Confirmed By Wall Street Journal – Chunky Heels, Wedges & Sprains

By Dr. Suzanne Levine

I’m so excited that our “Pillows for Your Feet” website is finally going live. We’ve created an experience that simulates what our patients enjoy when they come to my office in New York. First and foremost we are a medical office where foot health and treatment are my number one concern. As you probably know, my motto is “Treat Your Feet the Way You Would Your Face” so in my office we talk about a lot of things, like shoes. Right now, its Fashion Week somewhere in the world, showing the new looks for spring 2014 starting in New York, then London, Milan and Paris. What am I seeing so far? Lots of thick chunky heels and wedges, shoes you don’t so much walk in but slide your foot along in, not a normal gait. Gorgeous as they may be, I’m thinking 2014 is going to be the year of the Lateral Ankle Sprain, but more about that later, after I’ve seen the Paris collections.

Meanwhile, on September 16, The Wall Street Journal devoted its lead story to foot pain and foot health problems. What did the story tell me? It tells me that we’re right on time with Pillows for Your Feet and confirms one of my other predictions, something I’ve been saying for a few years. Foot health is entering a new phase, and it’s a topic people really will be talking more about in the future, especially as people live longer and want to remain mobile for as long as possible. Here’s the WSJ story by Angela Chen:

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