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Meet Celebrity Podiatrist and Inventor of Pillows For Your Feet, Dr. Suzanne Levine. Read about the revolutionary procedures she has invented, inspiration behind her soft gel cushions and source of the passion that fuels what she does – here.

How Do They Work?

Would you like to know more about Pillows For Your Feet and why people are going crazy for the soft gel cushion inserts invented by Dr. Levine? Find out the science behind her design and more information about Pillows For Your Feet here.

Ask Dr. Levine

Are you interested in trying out Pillows For Your feet but not sure which Pillows For Your Feet product is right for you?

Experiencing pain & discomfort that you are not 100% sold that it has to do with your shoes, high heels, flats, cross trainers, or dress loafers? Read a few Q&A style conversations with the inventor of Pillows For Your Feet, Dr. Suzanne Levine – here.

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