My doctor told me to stop wearing heels and just wear flats.  That’s not going to happen but I have to admit, I am in pain.

Q: Which of your Pillows For Your Feet can help my foot problem? I love to wear, I live to wear, high heels. I’m constantly looking on fashion websites and buying magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W for the shoe stories. My idea of fitness is going shoe shopping! My friends tease me and say I’ve developed a foot fetish, and a shoe fetish since we graduated college. I always wear at least a 2 and a ½ inch heel, including to work. I’m just 5’ 1” so I need the height. I’m on my feet all day. I’m in sales. Lately, even after only wearing my shoes for a little while, like 90 minutes, by mid-morning I get this awful burning at the balls of my feet. I saw the foot doctor in my town and he told me to stop wearing heels and just wear flats. Easy for him to say, that’s a very male perspective and it just isn’t going to happen, so I thought I’d reach out and ask you.

A: Most male podiatrists don’t understand. Women do not want to be separated from their high heels, nor need they be. Use Pillows For Your Feet Soft Foot Gels for Stilettos. The balls of our feet, the fatty cushions, carry three times our body weight even when barefoot. As we get older, those fatty cushions begin to wear out, especially on women partial to high heels and stilettos. The medical name of the foot pain you feel under the ball of your foot is called metatarsalgia. In addition to this burning, tingling neuroma pain and sensation you are feeling when wearing heels, it’s also likely that your feet are developing calluses and bunions as well. To help diminish these problems, the unique U-shaped designed soft gel Pillows For Your Feet for Stilettos—the idea began from when I used to use felt to carefully cut and create individual padding for my patients’ shoes—will provide extra cushioning under the balls of your feet and will prevent further high heel pain, and will do so the minute you put them in your shoes. You’ll have less burning and reduce any cramping. Pillows For Your Feet for Stilettos will also prevent too much motion at your forefoot that results not only in more foot problems but also ankle troubles. The redistribution of weight will also help prevent calluses, corns and will take some pressure off your bunions.

My feet are cramping during the day at work and when I am trying to sleep.  And I happily gave up high heels for flats.

Q: I don’t understand it. I thought I was wearing sensible shoes. This winter I was having some knee and foot problems and when my doctor told me to wear flats instead of heels, I didn’t mind. I love the way ballet slippers look and that’s what I’ve been wearing these past several months. But now my feet are cramping sometimes during the day at work and, worse, at night when I am trying to sleep. Also, my lower back is beginning to bother me and my legs feel tired for no reason. I’m not a runner or spinner or anything like that. What can I do?

A: One woman’s shoe being as flat as a ballet slipper without any arch support, is as much a troublemaker as another woman’s stiletto, but for different reasons. Your arches are collapsing due to gravity and your feet are overworking because they are not in the correct, healthy position that supports the arch. Use our Pillows For Your Feet Soft Foot Gels Flats For Women. They will steady the forefoot from too much motion, also known as over pronating and, by resisting gravity, Pillows For Your Feet Flats For Women will support your arches and keep your feet from spreading and flattening. This will reduce arch pain, heel pain, calluses, cramping, numbness, and also ankle, knee and lower back pain.

I’ve always worn high quality shoes regardless of whether or not they are dress loafers or cross trainers.  But, I have to admit my feet have been hurting more than usual lately.

Q: Your Pillows For Your Feet have made my wife very happy and she wants to share the wealth with me. She’s given me your entire line of products for men. That’s Pillows For Your Feet Flats for Men, Golf for Men and Sports for Men. I will admit that my back and my feet have been hurting more than usual lately, but I figure it’s because I’ve been lifting heavier weights at the gym. There’s nothing wrong with my shoes – I always buy the best whether its dress loafers or cross-trainers, and I’d like a little more explanation about your Pillows, please, before I jump right into bed with them—so to speak.

A: You say you wear dress loafers? Handsome as they may be, most loafers do not give men’s arches the support they need. Pillows For Your Feet Soft Foot Gels Flats for Men will help reposition your feet and make a better fit in the loafer that will alleviate and reduce foot problems like plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, and the lower back and knee problems associated with weak arches and flat feet. They also prevent and reduce arch pain, bunions and calluses while reducing uncomfortable pressure on the ball of your foot. This will remedy burning, aching and cramping. Our Soft Foot Gels Golf for Men will support your soles in the areas of your feet that bear the most pressure whether you’re swinging, putting or walking. Soft Foot Gels Sports for Men add support in the ball of the foot, the area that bears the most pressure when playing sports and working out. This will help prevent and alleviate problems associated with arch pain, back pain, knee pain, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle problems and aching arches. Same as happens to women, as men get older they start to lose the natural cushioning in the fatty areas at the balls of the feet. Pillows For Your Feet Soft Foot Gels Sports for Men will add extra cushioning and make your time on the treadmill, track or tennis court that much more enjoyable.

You don’t mention whether you’ve gained any weight lately? Extra weight contributes more than most people can imagine to foot problems. Feet can become too flat from extra weight and a product that lifts the arch, like Pillows For Your Feet, will alleviate the discomfort associated with flat feet. You see, our feet are weight bearing joints and in fact it’s been proven that if your foot over pronates, meaning spreads wide, flattens or moves too much at the forefoot, the podiatric problem will go to your knees, your hips, your back…to wherever you are most vulnerable. With every ordinary step, we place pressure on our feet equal to at least one and half times our body weight, and the load increases with even low-impact activities like brisk walking or ballroom dancing. High impact exercise and sports such as jogging, tennis, basketball and tennis can triple or quadruple the pressure. Weight lifting, too, obviously compounds the stress on your feet even while it beneficially builds muscle elsewhere and re-calcifies the bones. Here’s the simple biomechanical equation determining the pressure we bear. Body weight plus intensity of impact equal the force that cause true wear and tear on the feet. With a weight gain of twenty pounds, we put thirty extra pounds of pressure on our feet. Running transforms that twenty pounds into sixty pounds—and dozens of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles must absorb that added impact.

If, as I suspect, you’ve gained a few extra pounds why don’t you think of your wife’s gift of Pillows For Your Feet Soft Foot Gels for Men as a sort of weight watchers for your feet.

Do any of these situations sound familar?

Whether you have had problems with your feet for your entire life, have recently been told that you can no longer wear high heels anymore and feel like you’ve lost your purpose in life (we know, it is more painful than the pain itself for a while), or you are experiencing more pain and discomfort than usual and really need an immediate, cost effective solution – Dr. Suzanne Levine, a New York City Board-Certified Celebrity Podiatrist, and inventor of Pillows For Your Feet, has developed a healthy foot solution for you.  Read more about each Pillows For Your Feet option by reading their description and instructions for use in our Online Store.  Or, if you want to know more about Dr. Suzanne Levine and how Pillows For Your Feet works and how it was developed prior to making your purchase, please click the appropriate button below.

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