Inspired by Revolutionary Procedures & Modern Day Treatments

Dr. Levine’s motto is “Treat your feet the way you treat your face.” Responding to the needs of her many celebrity, fashion and business world patients, Dr. Levine has pioneered many revolutionary procedures including the one that she first called and trademarked Pillows for Your Feet: she injected poly-L-lactic acid into the balls of the feet to implant a soft, billowy filler that reduces the pain associated with wearing high heels. She has also developed what she jokingly refers to as her “Lube Job,” Dr. Levine’s term for viscosupplementation, an injection of hyaluronic acid into the big toe to alleviate pain. Both procedures can be done during a lunch break, and patients are back at their offices, and wearing their favorite shoes without pain or discomfort in a matter of no time.

Treating her patients, Dr. Levine uses Fluoroscopy, a state-of-the-art imaging technique that uses X-ray to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structure of the toe and foot. From this comes her breakthrough new product Pillows for Your Feet soft gel shoe inserts For Flats, For Stilettos, For Women and For Men.

It should also be noted that Dr. Levine is one of her own best patients. There isn’t any medical procedure or product that she has developed and recommended that she hasn’t tried and perfected on herself first.  She herself has been the subject of many surgeries and corrective treatments starting at two years old.  Which has given her a unique sensitivity, passion and understanding for her patients and helped fuel the creation of her product.

What Makes Them Work?

“Pillows for Your Feet For Flats are an anti-gravity agent,” says Dr. Levine. “We love gravity for what it keeps in the air—a tennis ball for instance—and hate it for its negative effect. With time, your arches will flatten out as the ligaments of the foot spread. This can cause arch, heel, hip, neck and back pain, especially lower back pain. Also it causes plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, foot fatigue, and muscle cramping. Anybody who stands or walks for extended periods of times experiences this. Anyone who gains weigh knows this pain. Pregnant women also experience this. And anyone who never or only rarely alternates flats with wearing shoes with even a modest heel will eventually experience the discomfort associated with arches that aren’t sufficiently supported. For instance, we all love wearing ballet slippers, but they can pose, no pun intended, as much trouble, although a different type of trouble, for your feet as wearing a pair of stilettos can.”

What Are They Made Out Of?

To create Pillows for Your Feet soft gel shoe inserts, Dr. Levine experimented with very different materials than the ones she used for her other Pillows for Your Feet products. “After much trial and effort, I found the perfect fabric to build Pillows for Your Feet.  It’s this remarkably sturdy, yet soft, pliable padding that fits perfectly and elevates the foot into a corrective position right where the foot needs it most, depending on the type of shoe one is wearing.”

How Do I Use Them?

Apply to a clean dry foot.  Do not apply lotions, powders or medications to skin when using gel pad.  Position gel pad in ball of foot area comfortably.  Clean with mild soap and cold water for reuse daily. That’s it!

Choosing The Right Pillows For Your Feet

Pillows For Your Feet soft gel cushions mimics the benefits of the procedures Dr. Levine provides to patients in her office and has been designed to provide relief from the pain and discomfort you are feeling associated with the specific type of shoe you are wearing.  So, the best way to choose is to purchase for the type of shoes you will be inserting them into.

Click on the buttons below to jump to a more detailed description of each product.  And if you still have questions about our product head on over to our Ask Dr. Levine Page.  There is a Q&A session explaining all the benefits of each product specific to different situations, gender, and shoe type – here.

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